Foods and Drinks in Gili Islands

The exotic foods and drinks in Gili Islands will become your special interest during your visit to those islands. All tourist destinations in different parts of the world are at all times great places to savor new exotic cuisines. Gili Islands are not an exception. When you visit these exotic tropical islands, you can also find some exotic cuisines that you may never find in other places that you ever visited before. One example of special drink that you can only find in Gili Islands is mushroom drink, a hallucinogenic drink that will makes you fly to heaven. If you visit Gili Islands, be prepared to enjoy their cuisines because the islands’ culinary attraction is something that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

The Types of Foods and Drinks in Gili Islands

As a favorite destination for worldwide tourists, the three islands can always cater to their needs, especially when it comes to watering their mouth and satiating their stomach. No wonder you can find most kinds of food and drink that you can find in other parts of the world. If you are not yet ready to try something new and strange and prefer to savor anything you are used to when enjoying your meal, it will not be difficult for you to find bars and restaurants that serve your favorite foods and drinks. If one of the purposes of your trip to Gili Islands is to try the islands’ exotic cuisines, you can also find bars and restaurants that serve them. In Gili Islands, both local and international cuisines are served. In Gili Islands, your mealtime is always a great time.

Foods and Drinks in Gili Islands that You Should Try

The following are several types of foods that you can enjoy in Gili Islands.


Given the fact that the three islands are small tropical islands surrounded by sea, the selection of cuisines that you can find there consists mostly of a large variety of seafood. A large selection of ocean and freshwater fishes, including tuna, swordfish, prawn, trout, catfish, barracuda, and snapper are served in various seafood restaurants in those islands, with lobster being the most popular. They are served as grilled or fried fishes and steaks. You can also order a tuna salad if you prefer a fresher food during your dinner. If you don’t want to miss eating the delicious seafood of Gili Islands, the following are several recommended restaurants that you may want to visit.

1. Scallywags Organic Seafood Bar & Grill

Most tourists, both domestic and foreign, regard Scallywags Bar the best place to enjoy a large variety of seafood. Tourists who decide to eat at this restaurant are particularly interested in savoring its fresh lobster, which is the restaurant’s favorite cuisine. Being the most famous seafood restaurant in the three islands, it is always crowded, especially in the evening.

2. Beach House Restaurant

Just like Scallywags, Beach House Restaurant also serves fresh seafood is caught locally and daily. Beach House Restaurant is popular among tourists due to its proximity to the beach. Besides serving seafood, Beach House Restaurant also serves some worldwide cuisines, such as its delicious Italian tiramisu. This bar is not as crowded as Scallywags Bar & Grill and can be a great alternative if you cannot find a vacant seat in Scallywags.

3. Sidewalk Café at Villa Ombak

Sidewalk Café is also a great place to enjoy seafood. It is an open air restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars. Live band performs will make your visit to this restaurant felt even more romantic. One con about this restaurant is that its meals are a little bit pricier than those in other seafood restaurants, probably because of its luxurious setting and its location within a luxurious villa.

4. Night Market

Night Market, Art Market or Pasar Malam is a perfect eating place for budget travelers. This market sells not only fresh seafood, but also various types of local and international cuisines. What is great about this place is that all foods that are served here are much cheaper than those in other places. This market, however, is only open at night.

Indonesian Cuisines

Besides seafood, a large variety of Indonesian cuisines are also served in the islands. Foods like gado-gado, cah kangkung, lumpia, fried rice and noodles, and various types of sambal, are served in almost all restaurants in Gili Islands. In the night market, the price of those local cuisines is never above 50,000 IDR, making them perfect choices for budget travelers looking for cheap way to get satiated. Local food shops, such as Ibu Dewi food shop, are perfect place to stop by if you are looking for cheap yet delicious local cuisines. Food peddlers selling sate (skewered, seasoned and grilled meat or squid) can often be encountered in all parts of the islands.

International Cuisines

There are several restaurants in Gili Islands that are specialized in serving foreign foods, although their menu includes local cuisines as well. If you are a foreigner who have your own taste of meal, here is a short list of all restaurants serving international cuisines that you can visit.

1. Tir Na Nog Restaurant

This restaurant has long been expats’ favorite due to its large selection of cuisines, including its special Bangers and Mash, Fish ‘n’ Chips, and Australian Fillet Steak. Its BBQs and pizzas are considered the bests in the islands. If you are away from home but don’t want to be too far from your kitchen, this restaurant should be your favorite.

2. Sama Sama Restaurant

This restaurant also serves a large selection of international and local cuisines. What is great about it is that it offers live tropicalia, jazz and reggae live music every night. You can thus enjoy a splendorous nightlife while enjoying your meals.

3. Sheesha Lounge & Bar

This restaurant is a perfect place to savor Indian cuisines. It is the place where you can find kebabs, Nan bread, and other Indian cuisines in your menu.

There are many other restaurants in Gili Islands where you can enjoy international cuisines. Ryoshi restaurant is known for its Japanese cuisine, Ko Ko Mo is a great place for those favoring fine dining, and Karma Kayak is a perfect restaurant to frequent for Spaniards. Despite their small sizes, the three islands have become so cosmopolitan that worldwide tourists will always feel welcomed when they visit the islands because there will always be foods and drinks in Gili Islands that match their palates.