Go Faster with Fast Boat to Gili Islands

Getting into the fast boat to Gili Islands is the best idea to reach these exotic islands faster. With less than two hours, you are ready to see and feel the white sand, the sparkling deep ocean and the villagers’ hospitality. Fast boat is the fastest and the most convenient transportation to Gili Islands. If you take the route from Bali, there are many fast boat companies you can choose from. Most of them offer similar services but in different prices. You will find some fast boat companies that offer packages and services in cheaper prices, but do not take them just like that. The cheaper one is not always the best. The safety and value are the main two things you should keep in mind.

Tips to Choose The Right Fast Boat

See the boat first. Ask the owner if you are not sure whether the boat is new or old. But sometimes, without asking the owner, passengers usually have known it from the boat’s condition. Generally the cheaper boat is the old one and in bad condition. You will experience uncomfortable seats and trainers and staffs who lack of experiences. Here your safety is staked. Besides, GPS, safety equipment, best services on the boat like drinking and reading materials are some things you have to check. The best fast boat will come with free-WIFI so you are able to browse sites while on the board, safety equipments consisting of life rats, life vests and others; radar systems and GPS, full fuel, places to relax while enjoying the blue sea, and other services.

How to Reach Gili Islands from Bali

Of course, the fastest way to reach Gili Islands from Bali is by renting a fast boat. You can rent it for one way—if you already decided to at least stay in Gili Islands for one night or more, or return on the same day. But surely, the price for return option is more expensive than one way. You have lots of fast boats’ choices but only few are trusted. Prices are worth considered, but you cannot put the safety and comfort aside. Though the fast boat only takes apparently one hour and a half to bring you, some things must not be forgotten.

Padang Bai is the port town which takes time 90 minutes from Kuta. That’s the port where a fast boat leaves to bring the passengers to Gili Islands. If you take tourist package from a fast boat company, usually it offers a free shuttle to bring you to the port if you stay in the area of Jimbaran, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Kuta. Out of the areas, you will be charged—but still; it depends on the company’s policy. The average price of fast boast for adult is Rp. 350.000 for one way and Rp. 650.000 for return. However, the time to the port will be a little longer if you use the shuttle because it has to wait other passengers. So, renting a car could be the alternative way in taking you to the port faster. You can take a Taxi also. If you stay in Sanur, then you should pay for about Rp. 105.000 to Padang Bai. Meanwhile, you will spend at least Rp. 315.000 from Ngurah Rai Airport to Padang Bai.

The Reasons Why Fast Boat to Gili Islands Are The Best Choice

If you take public boat to reach Gilli Islands, probably you will experience a bad time since you have to jostle with other passengers, and it’s not infrequently the boat will ship the passengers that exceeds the capacity. It is not good in terms of safety. That’s why a fast boat is the best option. As its name, a fast boat could take you faster to Gili Islands within less from two hours. You do not have to jostle with many people. While sitting and chatting with friends, you can see the sea or watch TV (some fast boats provide this entertainment). Also, you do not have to hold back urination or defecation since the fast boat provides a clean toilet. Your safety is also guaranteed because it has been covered by life assurance from the fast boat company. And the only reason why you do not have to take a fast boat is the ticket prices, which for some people, they are really expensive. But for your safety and pleasure, spending some money on a fast boat is worthy.

The Best Time to Visit Gili Islands

Every year is a good time for anyone who wants to visit Gili Islands, but there are some facts they have to notice. October to the end of the year, December, is the most crowded season. That’s the time where everyone from around the world comes to Gili Islands, especially Gili Trawangan, to spend their holiday. This thing also applies to the season from July to August. And visiting Gili Islands in those peak seasons means you have to spend more money as the price of foods and accommodation is increasing. January to March is the good time for visiting these islands where there are not too many tourists coming. However, between the months of January to March, the waves tend to be high. This could cause the boat to oscillate. It’s not also a good idea to get into the boat during the high tide. But if you insist to go, then sail in the morning. And if you want your journey safe, or you do not want to worry about the high waves or high tide, then just spending your holidays in Gili Islands on May. The weather will be good and the sea is calm.


A fast boat is surely the best and fastest water transportation that could take you to Gili Islands. Do not worry about the prices since your safety is number one. Of course you do not want to jostle with people while worrying if suddenly you jump into the water. Besides, a fast boat offers high class facilities that could satisfy you during the journey. Make sure you rent a fast boat that could give all things due to your pleasure, comfort and safety. Do not forget to check the weather and the sea before deciding to sail with fast boat to Gili Islands.